Red Brook Harbor Yacht Club was founded and incorporated on May 6, 1965. The founding principal was A. Ransom Parker (Raz), who passed away in 2005. Raz’s son Bruce has been very gracious in continuing to allow the RBHYC to utilize facilities at Parkers Boat Yard.
There are no records available for the period 1965 to 1976 and memories of the time frame are sketchy. It is known that the club had 23 members in 1976, mostly sailors who kept their boats at Parker’s Boat Yard in Red Brook Harbor. The existing records of past years tell of cruises (some nearby, others further afield), Commodore’s pot-luck suppers, cook-outs at the club house as well as members’ homes, plus other activities.

The club has grown over the years with membership open to all boat owners who want to share in the enjoyment of the boating experience. Several years ago, an informal racing program was started, and each fall, a PHRF race held in Buzzards Bay draws excellent participation. In 2006, this race was renamed the Raz Parker Memorial Race in honor of the club’s founder. A perpetual trophy, on which the winner names are engraved, is on display in the Parkers Boat Yard office.
The original 1965 corporation was allowed to lapse at some point, and for a number of years, Red Brook Harbor Yacht Club continued to operate informally. In 1985, club officers learned of the lapse of the corporate charter, and proceeded to re-incorporate the Club. This was finalized in 1986, and the current corporate entity dates from November 24, 1986.
As mentioned above, the club continues to use space at Parker’s Boat Yard in Red Brook Harbor. This includes lounge furniture, reading materials, activity space, outdoor grills, picnic tables, areas for socializing, and a seminar room. The club also owns and maintains a mooring in Mill Pond at the entrance to Pocasset Harbor. This mooring is for the exclusive use of current club membership.
Red Brook Harbor Yacht Club continues to attract new members, and in 2015, celebrated its 50th anniversary.