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Message from the Commodore:

Commodore’s Message – March 2021


There appears to be some light at the end of the pandemic tunnel as more & more of the population is getting vaccinated.  This is hopefully news for the upcoming boating season though it is still too soon to predict CDC guidelines for the summer.  As we prepare for this coming boating season the Cruise Committee has held several meetings and has produced an events calendar for the club including the itinerary for the Maine Cruise and Narragansett Cruise (see attachments). As we move towards our boating season I encourage our members who have not submitted their membership dues to so soon.  This will help the Executive Committee prepare the club’s budget for the year.

Upcoming events

March 24th @ 7:00pm via Zoom Video Conf – Taking the Mystique out of Sailboat Racing

Presented by:  Kent Nichols, RBHYC Race Committee Chair

Recording of seminar:


April 14th @ 7:00pm via Zoom Video Conf – Suddenly In Command

Presented by:  Laurel J. Carlson, BC-UDK, IT User Services and Support, US Coast Guard Auxiliary

Saturday May 22nd, 2021 @12:00pm – Spring cookout will be held at Parker’s Boatyard,

Outdoor cookout, menu tbd

Executive committee meeting (1/27/2021)

On January 27th the RBHYC Executive Committee had a planning meeting the following describes the results:

We decided that the Spring Cookout, to be held on Saturday May 22nd, should be an outdoor event at Parkers Boatyard, menu TBD

The Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday October 23rd, location & menu TBD

We will look to put on a couple of boating seminars via zoom video conferencing

The Executive Committee will perform this year the duties of the Social committee

Pat & Ilene have decided not to return as secretary & treasurer respectively next year, we will be asking members of the club to step up and help us fill these positions

The Membership Retention Committee will continue as a committee this year with one of its first tasks to reach out for membership renewals

Suzanne Chandler presented the RBHYC 2021 Event Calendar including the itinerary for the 3 week Maine cruise and Narragansett Cruise (see attachments)

The Treasurer presented a preliminary budget for 2021, the Executive Committee will continue working on refinements to the budget (see attachments)

If you would like to order a new burgee, now would be a good time to do so to assure having it for the boating season 2021.  Contact Ilene Karnow at:

REMEMBER: 2021 Membership Dues

Thanks in advance & stay safe.

Commodore – James Emo


Please join us for these upcoming Zoom video conference seminars:

Taking the Mystique out of Sailboat RacingMarch 24th @ 7:00pm via Zoom Video Conf

Presented by:  Kent Nichols, RBHYC Race Committee Chair


Purpose of lecture is to help members understand:  how the race is run and why as well as how the race is scored.

Why race? How do you know if you are sailing your boat properly?

When you are cruising how much do you sail?

How the race is run with a focus on the start

  • Start of the race and timing
  • Distance and duration of the race

Scoring the race

  • PHRF- What it is and how it is used
  • How to get a PHRF certificate



Suddenly In CommandApril 14th @ 7:00pm via Zoom Video Conf

Presented by:  Laurel J. Carlson, BC-UDK, US Coast Guard Auxiliary


Would you know what to do if the Captain of the boat became ill?

What if a passenger falls over board or the boat runs aground?

When bad things happen, you may be “Suddenly In Command”

This 2 ½ -hour boating safety primer is designed for those not generally at the helm, and will help you to be prepared with the basics in case of an emergency. In this class you will learn about how to prevent problems as well as what to do if a problem occurs. You will learn how to call for help, who to call for help and how to help yourself.

Misfortune occurs in seconds, and you have the rest of your life to be grateful that you knew what to do because you were prepared.



See commodore’s message


Upcoming Events:

March 24th @ 7:00pm via Zoom Video Conf  – Taking the Mystique out of Sailboat Racing

April 14th @ 7:00pm via Zoom Video Conf – Suddenly In Command

May 22nd @ Noon, Spring Cookout – Parkers Boatyard, Cataumet, MA.


Cruise Calendar:  RBHYC Cruise Calendar 2021

Itinerary Maine Cruise:  RBH Maine 21

Itinerary Narragansett Cruise: 2021 Narragansett Bay 1 wk cruise