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Message from the Commodore:

March 29, 2022

TO: All RBHYC members

As the new boating season gets under way, the Membership Growth Committee requests your help.  Last year the committee reviewed and updated the RBHYC brochure.  The brochure is a great method to introduce potential members to the benefits of our club.  To help each of you when discussing the benefits of belonging to the RBHYC copies of the brochure are available upon your individual request.  For copies of a brochure please contact either Jim Chandler or Jim Emo.  In the past, several of us have used the brochure to advantage when discussing membership in a yacht club such as RBHYC.

So, as each of us begins to unwrap our boats prior to launching, please just take a few minutes to talk with other boaters around you and tell them the benefits you have found as a member of the RBHYC.  In addition we are also asking that you invite a potential new member to our 2022 Spring Cookout to be held on May 21, 2022 at Parkers Boatyard.  Just keep us informed on the numbers attending to ensure we have enough food.

We had 90 active members for 2021 and are looking to grow our membership to over 100 for the year 2022 and set a stretch goal of 120 members.

Any questions you may have may be addressed to any of the following Membership Growth Committee members:

James Emo (

Ray Goodale  (

Ken Skinger (

Jim Chandler (

Adrien Rock (

Included in this correspondence is the RBHYC 2022 Event Calendar and it’s posted to our website.  We are still looking to fill the soon to be vacant position of RBHYC Secretary, interested please contact Commodore Jim Emo.  We were not able to get anyone to participate on the Budget Review Committee so the Executive Committee will take on that task.  If you haven’t already done so please get your 2022 membership renewal dues in to our Treasurer Sue Flanagan.

Thanks in advance & stay safe.

Commodore – James Emo



RBHYC committee meetings are taking place in preparation for the 2022 boating season


Upcoming Events:

Spring Cookout, Saturday, May 21, 2022, noon


RBHYC Spring Cookout

Saturday, May 21 at 12 noon
RBHYC @ Parker’s Boat Yard
The Red Brook Harbor Yacht Club Executive Committee has finalized the plans for our scheduled Spring Cookout to be held at noon on Saturday May 21st.
We are hoping that all members will join us at our
opening event of the season!
·       LOCATION: Parker’s Boatyard, 68 Red Brook Harbor Rd, Cataumet
·     THE CLUB will supply all the food:
  • BBQ Items: Steak or Fish (Please respond with selection)
  • Appetizers including lobster roll finger sandwiches
  • Salads and Side dishes
  • Desserts
·     THE CLUB will supply the following:
  • Eating utensils and plates / paper goods
  • Grill, ice, water, drinking cups
  • Hand sanitizers & wipes
  • Tables and Chairs (we have a limited supply of chairs so bring one if you can)
  • A Tent in the event of inclement weather
·     MEMBERS are asked to bring their own BEVERAGES (water and some ice will be provided)
If you would like to ask a potential new club member to be our guest at
the Spring BBQ, please do so and include their name(s) and meal selection
when you RSVP!
IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU RSVP to this Spring Gathering Invitation with the number of people attending along with your meal selection (steak or fish) so we may plan for adequate seating, food and supplies. Send an email to Sue Flanagan at or call her at 978-804-1474 before May 10. We look forward to seeing you at our first event of the boating season as we have much to discuss and it will be great to see everyone in person!
We ask that you wear a mask when inside the Parker’s Boatyard buildings, and that you do not attend if you are feeling ill or show any symptoms at the time of the event. All this is done in the best interest of everyone’s health.
Stay Healthy and Safe
Hope to See You on the Water in 2022 !!!


Cruise Calendar:  RBHYC Cruise Calendar 2022

Itinerary Long Island 2 week cruise Jul 17-Aug 7:  2022 Long Island Sound 2 Wk Cruise

Itinerary Boson 1 week cruise Aug19-28:  2022 Boston 1 Wk Cruise